Iran ,Our vast country benefit certain geological features ,contains a variety of natural igneous rocks ( extrusive , intrusive) , sediment rocks( chemical ,fragmental ) and metamorphic rocks .their specific features have resulted variety of decorative stones in existence with beautiful & different colors and specifications such as white , black ,green , red , pink , gray... .
Iranian travertine and marble are unique in beautiful colors and good quality( regarding texture and stability ) .Different granite stones from igneous ,metamorphic ,sediment are unique in color variety and their suitability regarding good block possibility have resulted in many Iranian quarries to be active in these categories .
Maha company has mineralogy insight into active Iranian quarries and is in commercial contact with them, Maha can provide a valuable service for supplying stone block, tile and slab.

Diamond wire is generally used in Iranian Marble, Travertine, lime stone quarries. Also, For pneumatic granite, drilling method is used; however, Diamond wire is used in the Granite stone quarries.

With the above explanation, We welcome to foreign partners & cooperators that like to invest in Iranian quarries. If you are interested to invest and buy in advance, we would be pleased to be with you as a guide or even enter a joint venture with you.

And now for your information we draw kindly your attention on the below parts;

After choosing your desired stones from our gallery, please let us to know your favor code according our web site., its good block possibility regarding dimension and how to cut the block together with relevant explanations, will be presented to you as soon as you declare the required quantity, according the F.O.B cost (Bandar Abbas port, south of Iran) will be sent to you with their photos..

with choosing your desired stones from our gallery and giving the relative code according our website , its good slab and dimension possibilities will be sent to you, in advance.

Cut to size ;

With choosing your desired stones from our gallery and giving the relative code according our website, We will indicate your possible choices may have regarding dimension, surface condition (polished or not; filled or not) with due regard to the required stone, in the form of tile or grave stone.

Stripped stone;
We are able to provide you with untreated stripped stones in required thickness with due regard to our gallery possibilities for your tile producing factory to treat, if you are interested on them.


Mineral Products;

Also We are able to provide you in mineral products such as calcium carbonate (Caco3), Feldspar, Dolomite, etc. we can quote you according your favor analyses & quantity In the vast level.

Terms of condition;

Quantity : Minimum order quantity for slab and tile is a 20 ft containerPacking: On wooden pallet or any required forms.
Payment : Opening a letter of credit (L/C)  


We will be waiting to find new partners & of course new friends.